All About Invisalign

The term invisalign means a kind of orthodontic procedure that makes you smile in an impressive way. Misaligned or slightly displaced teeth would ruin the entire facial impression. Such teeth can be aligned to give an impressive look. The procedure is a great choice for the people suffering from the problems of overbite, under bite and cross bite. Invisalign gives the opportunity to bring the teeth to the required position with the help of trays that stay in place for almost 20 hours in a day. The trays are easy to manage and maintain a healthy oral cavity with regular brushing, flossing and cleaning. This is what makes them a better option than wearing the wired braces.

How can invisalign actually help?

Those who opt for this tray based procedure instead of using the braces and brackets often ask the dentists in chatswood about the advantages of invisalign. Here are some of the benefits that the invisalign clients can cherish with this treatment:

  • The procedure uses comfortable trays instead of the metallic brackets that are glued to the teeth. Some of these are even starched with the wires that can be inconvenient and painful at times.
  • Unlike other alignment treatments this is precise procedure as the recent digital imaging technique is used to develop the trays.
  • Cosmetic dentistry in lane cove are often using this technique because it brings back the naturally beautiful smile without struggling against the wired braces and bearing the pain.
  • The wired braces are hard to remove again and again. It is therefore not easy to remove them for brushing and flossing. The situation is absolutely different when it comes to this popular procedure. The trays can be removed easily for regular cleaning.
  • The procedure is almost of the same cost as that of the braces.
  • It is a popular dental procedure among the teens and even the adults who want to improve their smile without going through the inconvenience of the wired braces.

The procedure

Before going to the dentist for the procedure it is important to check how the procedure will actually take place:

  1. Take proper appointment from the consultant so that he can assess the problem and see if the procedure is right for the patient or not. The procedure proceeds further only when both the dentist and the client are sure about the next stages.
  2. A team of well-versed and well trained dental specialists create a 3D impression of the teeth.
  3. These impressions then reach the specialised laboratories where again a skilled and qualified team will create a tray.
  4. The size, form and even number of trays can vary from person to person depending on the individual needs.
  5. After getting the tray the patient would start using the trays by wearing them on the natural set of teeth.
  6. An average wearing time of each tray is two weeks after which they would proceed to the next tray.
  7. Once the entire cycle complete the smile is here.

Keep smiling